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Primenet is a very nice Direct Mail company

We’ve always been in a profession that changes in lightning speed. But with unprecedented disruption to the economy in 2009, directmarketerswill need to embrace these trends to thrive in this tough economy.

Social Marketing

The explosion of sites like Facebook, blogs, business sourcing sites, product reviews and message boards with self-selectedmembership is a segmenter’s dream. Content is still king, and buyers crave trusted information about your products and services before they act. How does this translate into direct marketing? If you’re promoting a restaurant, for example, ask customers to post reviews and comments, and link mail and email campaigns to time-sensitive coupons that live next to the reviews.


 For years, marketers have been tasked with growth through new customers. In a tough economy like today, profit comes fromkeepingwhat you already have. Direct marketers are using statement messages, newsletters (electronic and print), e-blasts and banner ads targeted to current customers, to keep them happy and to extend their buy. A lot ofmarkets are saturated, so the winner is going to be the company that sustains market share in this take-away economy.

Green 2.0

It’s no longer good enough that your newsletter is printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink, and the editor drives a hybrid car. That’s becoming expected. Now you need to encourage your company or client companies to adopt a green passion—something like employee recycling teams, carpooling or some activity that you can talk about in your marketing material. The polar ice caps aremelting, and buyers want to know they’re contributing to companies that don’t just blow hot air around the issue of climate change!

Mobile Marketing

Now that Walmart is selling iPhones, the secret is out. The masses will be checking their email and surfing the web anywhere, any time, and your direct marketing messages need to work well on the phones that rest in the hands of key prospects. 2009 will be the year when companies with messages on mobile platforms that reach the right prospects will have an advantage.

50 characters

That’s the number of keystrokes you get to convince the reader to scroll down, when you direct market via email. These 50 characters live in the “subject” line of an email or, for thatmatter, in the title of a brochure or headline of a direct marketing piece. In 50 characters, you need to get attention, be relevant and compelling and hook the viewer/prospect. To give you an idea of how few characters you have in the number “50,” the first sentence in this paragraph contains nearly 100. Spaces count. Keep it short.

Brand engagement

In a topsy-turvy economy where rock-solid brands (Lehman Bros., Oldsmobile) no longer exist, brand stability will be critical for transforming prospects into customers. You’ll need to show how your brandmatters by engaging the consumer, not just hitting themover the headwith awareness. Engaged consumers respond and stay.


The trend toward options and choices is finally driving all of us crazy. You can have your coffee 20 different ways. Your cell phone, internet and cable television service options require an actuary to plot the best plan. In 2009, expect consumers to ask for simplification. Enough with all the options.Make the right choice easy and fast, and you win.

Primenet has been around awhile and knows how to provide a great product for a wonderful price. Their Direct Mail Marketing programs are affordable and customizable. I would recommend primenet to anyone.